Join us and share our Love together!

   It all started in 2002, with a wish to share the Dhamma with young friends, to set up BMSM Kajang youth group and with the consent and full support from the committee, we took our first step.

   With the help of well known Dhamma speaker Brother Wong Tin Song, as the camp leader and adviser to Teenage Camp. He taught and guided us all the way. He helped us to run and managed our first camp. The camp program is designed especially to provide a platform for the participants to develop their social interaction skills through practicing of Dhamma.

   Besides that, it is designed to expose the participants to the essence of Dhamma and the value of Dhamma in their daily life. A series of interesting games/dynamic activities with which emphasize on in social interaction skill, and inspiring Dhamma dynamics are lined up for the participants, where participants will be exposed to the Buddha’s teaching through a fun and happy interactive ways.

Event Details:


12th Dec 2019 - 15th Dec 2019

(Thursday - Sunday)


BMSM Kajang Branch


Age group:

13 - 17 years old

Camp Fee

RM 150 per person (Early Bird Price - before: 13 October 2019)

RM 180 per person (Normal)

RM 640 per group (4 persons)


Get yourself ready

In every year, we push ourselves to bring in new elements and idea into our camp. At this year, we have some very new fresh ideas awaits! In order to execute these, we need your help! There are some items you should prepare and bring along while you step into the camp.

Things to bring:

1. Touch & Go Card   (Min Credit RM10)

2. A gift worth RM10 for Kalyana Mitra

3. Food container

4. Extra clothing for outdoor activity

5. Raincoat

6. Hiking shoes/ Adidas Kampung

7. Hiking bag

8. Hiking stick

9. Mosquito repellent

10. Water bottle

11. Small towel

12. Sleeping bag

13. Personal toiletries

14. Personal medicine (if any)

15. Loose and comfortable clothing

16. Jacket/Sweater

17. Stationery


   Our core value is to help those who needed. If you or your children are interested to join this camp but having difficulty to pay the fee, please, PLEASE let us know. We would like to help.

   At the price of RM 180 per pax, we're fairly able to cover the expenses. Thank to all the donors or sponsor who donated or sponsored this camp. Without your support for the past few years, we unable to run this camp yearly. We greatly appreciate your donations and sponsors. THANK YOU!